Abilities are named abilities that belong to each Champion. They activate at random times during battle, and certain Champions' Signature Abilities and Special Attacks have a fixed percentage on when an ability activates. The effect of these abilities can only be increased by Ranking Up.

Certain abilities are exclusive to certain Champions (for example, Unstoppable can only be found on Unstoppable Colossus or Juggernaut). However, every Champion has at least one ability.


List of Abilities

Acrobatic CombatAftershockAnte UpArmorArmor BreakArmor UpBamfBleedBleed ImmunityBuff StealCauterizeChi StrikeCleanseConcussionCosmic RadiationCrit BoostCrueltyCurseDazeDeformationElement GunEnervating FieldEnfeebleEvadeEvil's BaneEvocationExhaustionFate SealFatigueFreestyle CombatFuryGambler's RuinGenetic MemoryHeal BlockIncinerateJudgmentKree PhysiologyLife StealLightning ArcLunar PhasesMagnetismMartial FocusNullifyOverpowerOverrunOm NomPacifismPhysical ResistancePoisonPoison ImmunityPower BurnPower DrainPower GainPower LockPower StealPower StingPrecisionReconReflect StunReflective ArmorRegenerationReplicateScorchSensory WeaveShield SystemShockSoul HarvestStatic ShockStunSymbiote StealthTenacityTrue StrikeUnstoppableWeakness


  • Symbioid has the most number of abilities, with 13.
  • Hulkbuster is the only Champion in the game that has Armor twice, since Hulkbuster is technically an Iron Man suit inside another Iron Man suit.[1]
  • Cruelty and Precision share their names with Masteries on the Offense tree.

Alternate Namings

  • On Ultron and his drones, Regeneration is called "Self-Repair".
  • On Ultron Drones, Evade is called "Reflex Algorithm".


Gameplay Terminology

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