Bug Brawl
Story-Chapter-Quest: MYS-3-3
Recommended Team Rating: 2000

Bug Brawl is the third and final Quest in the third Chapter in the Story Event Mystery in the Microrealms.

It is preceded by ISO Intrigue.



"This is it, Summoner! A dead-end is ahead, this has to be where the Adaptoids are going! Now we can find out what Cross has been up to. Man, this better have been worth it. I feel like I haven't showered in weeks!"


"Look at that glow in the distance! It's almost prismatic. And there's so many Adaptoids! We must be close!"


"Whoa... look at that! It's like some kind of mashed-up ISO chunk! It must be incredibly powerful!"
"And it belongs to ME! You've meddled with me for the last time, the both of you! This ends NOW!"
"Let's get him, Summoner! If we can stop Yellowjacket, I can dismantle this thing at a molecular level!"
Ant-Man and Yellowjacket[src]


"You failed me, insect."
"But Master...I saved some of the substance!"
"Ah...refined ISO-8. Forged by time and power... Atoms crushed and rebuilt into their purest configuration. An infinitesimal amount...but enough to challenge Infinity! This is the true destiny of ISO-8: to be annihilated, reborn, and coalesce into something...truly powerful. GET ME MORE!"
"Oh, boy. That sounds bad. I need to tell the collector!"
Maestro, Yellowjacket, and Ant-Man[src]


Item Quantity
Tier 3 Basic ISO-8 2
Units 15
Pym Canister 1

Item Quantity
Tier 3 Basic ISO-8 3
Units 20
Pym Canister 4


Mystery in the Microrealms
Chapter Quests
A Tiny Issue 1. Summoner's Call
2. A Strange Secret
3. The Ant-Man Plan
Enter Yellowjacket 1. The Microrealms
2. Adaptoid Scramble
3. Arthropod Attack
A Big Problem 1. Buried Deep
2. ISO Intrigue
3. Bug Brawl

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