Carnage was the 13th Featured Champion, being featured for the month of September 2017.
(Carnage was available in the Monthly Calendar for September 2017.)

Carnage portrait

Carnage featured

Base Attributes
Class(es): Cosmic Cosmic
Tags: #Offensive: Raw Damage
Release Date: June 8, 2017[1]
Origin: Earth-616
Crystal(s): TBA
Cruelty, Fury, Physical Resistance, Precision
TierStar No
TierStarTierStar Yes
TierStarTierStarTierStar Yes
TierStarTierStarTierStarTierStar Yes
TierStarTierStarTierStarTierStarTierStar Yes

Carnage is a Cosmic Champion. Being a Cosmic Champion, he has a Class Bonus against Tech Champions, but is weak to Mystic Champions.


Cletus Kasady was a serial killer from Brooklyn, psychotic and depraved from an early age. As a cellmate of Eddie Brock's, he bonded with a spawn of the Venom Symbiote during a prison break, and merged into a single twisted being. Kasady and the Symbiote would go on a killing spree, earning them their name: Carnage. With the Symbiote amplifying Kasady's psychotic tendencies, there’s no telling how deep their acts of depravity will plunge.

Moveset Description

Light Attack

Medium Attack

Heavy Attack




Special Attacks

Special 1: ???

Special 2: ???

Special 3: ???

Victory Animation

Carnage looks tough.

Synergy Bonuses

Synergy Partner(s) Effect(s)
Enemies Deadpool portraitDeadpool (X-Force) portrait TBA
Family Agent Venom portraitSpider-Man (Symbiote) portraitVenompool portrait TBA
Nemesis Spider-Man (Classic) portrait TBA
Shared Genetic Memory Venom portrait TBA


External links


  1. Marvel-logo Entering Marvel Contest of Champions: Carnage. Chabala, Ben. June 8, 2017.


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