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Dark Words
Story-Chapter-Quest: BNV-3-2
Recommended Team Rating: 575/3500/?

Dark Words is the second and final Quest in the third Chapter in the Story Event Blood and Venom.

It is preceded by Shadow Army.



"My blade... she is restless. Thirsty for the energy of the living. But she refuses to battle these... creatures. I'm afraid she needs to drink, or it could bode poorly for us both. I'm sorry for what's about to happen, Summoner... but I must fulfill the curse. Do not hold back!"
Guillotine, upon starting the Quest

"I can see his nest ahead. Remember, we need to capture him to unlock the secret behind his symbiotic infection. And don't let him bite you. His teeth are quite sharp."
"The betterrr to rend yourrr flesh... Come and get us, fresssh meat!"
Guillotine and Venom, during the Quest

"You think you're... the hero here? Think you're ssspecial? You're lesss than a pawn. Doing their dirty work... you mean nothing to them. We'll rrrip you apart, and you'll be left to rot in here, while they choose another pet. You'll see... You are FODDER! And we... are VENOM!"
Venom, before fighting him


  • Completion Rewards
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
  • Exploration Rewards
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?

Blood and Venom
Chapter Quests
Clad in Crimson 1. La Fleur du Mal
2. La Route Sombre
Meta Morphosis 1. Midnight Hounds
2. Underground Blade
Entombed in Black 1. Shadow Army
2. Dark Words

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