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The Contest's First Phase

Iron Man, Outlaw, Moon-Boy, and Devil Hydrasaur

Iron Man and Outlaw meet Moon-Boy, Agent of Hydra and Devil Hydrasaur.

When Moon-Boy and Devil Hydrasaur encounter Outlaw and Iron Man, Outlaw remarks that he saw something like Devil Hydrasaur before, though it was smaller. Outlaw then shoots and kills Moon-Boy. Iron Man asks Outlaw if shooting Moon-Boy seemed like a good idea; Outlaw says that it seemed like one at the time. In retaliation for the death of his friend, Devil Hydrasaur attempts to attack the two, but the dinosaur is attacked and killed by Gamora.[1]


Because of the deaths of Moon-Boy and Devil Hydrasaur, the Yellow Team (as suggested by its Summoner, Punisher 2099) is forced to "ride [their] squad harder" and to "let them know that failure isn't an option".[2]


Devil Hydrasaur seemed to care deeply for Moon-Boy, given that, when Moon-Boy was killed, Devil Hydrasaur attempted to attack his killer.[1]


  • The association between the two prehistoric pals and HYDRA has never been mentioned.


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