An Event Quest is, as the name implies, a Quest built around a certain event.

Types of Event Quests

Story Events

Main article: Story Event

Story Events are Events that revolve around a certain event.

Special Events

A Special Event is an Event that is special.

List of Special Events:

  • Gwenpool Goes to the Movies — A quest event for celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It lasted from August 1, 2018 - September 5, 2018.[1]
  • Realm of Legends — This Event is known for being the hardest of any in the game. It is the only Event to have the Beyond Hope difficulty, with a recommended Team Rating of 9,999,999. Only a certain number of players have beaten the Realm of Legends, the first being BrutalDLX.
  • Road to the Labyrinth

Daily Quests

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Daily Quests are quests that change daily. The current one is Mutant Mayhem Mutant.



Gameplay Terminology

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