The Featured Champion is the final prize for completing the Monthly Calendar.

List of Featured Champions


Number Month Featured Champion
1 September 2016 Gambit portrait Gambit
2 October 2016 Civil Warrior portrait Civil Warrior
3 November 2016 Loki portrait Loki
4 December 2016 Quake portrait Quake


Number Month Featured Champion
5 January 2017 Phoenix portrait Phoenix
6 February 2017 Howard the Duck portrait Howard the Duck
7 March 2017 Cable portrait Cable
8 April 2017 Gwenpool portrait Gwenpool
9 May 2017 Psylocke portrait Psylocke
10 June 2017 Iceman portrait Iceman
11 July 2017 Archangel portrait Archangel
12 August 2017 Nebula portrait Nebula
13 September 2017 Carnage portrait Carnage
14 October 2017 Doctor Voodoo portrait Doctor Voodoo
15 November 2017 Vulture portrait Vulture[† 1]
16 December 2017 Kingpin portrait Kingpin


  • Phoenix was the first Featured Champion to be given out on Day 25 instead of the normal Day 28, which occurred in January 2017. This trend continued in February 2017, but ended in March 2017 for unknown reasons, although a likely reason was to prepare for Update 12.0.


  1. Although Vulture was given out on Day 25, a second Crystal gave out either Hela or Thor (Ragnarok) on Day 28.


Gameplay Terminology

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