Story-Chapter-Quest: DPZ-2-1
Recommended Team Rating: 325/1250/4500

Frankenpool is the first Quest in the second Chapter of the Story Event Deadpoolooza.

It is succeeded by BFF <3.


Abomination TierStar (167) Vision (Age of Ultron) TierStar (192)
Daredevil (Netflix) TierStar (185) Paths merge Superior Iron Man TierStar (181) Ronan TierStar (194)
Hawkeye TierStar (179) Doctor Strange TierStar2 (197) Wolverine TierStar (205)
Electro TierStar (169) Rhino TierStar (176) Hulkbuster TierStar2 (195) Ronan TierStar (194) Black Bolt TierStar (189)
Black Panther TierStar (174) Black Bolt TierStar (189) Scarlet Witch TierStar (189)
Cyclops (Blue Team) TierStar (185)
Spider-Man (Symbiote) TierStar2 (230) Boost

Abomination TierStarTierStar (235) Vision (Age of Ultron) TierStarTierStar (267)
Daredevil (Netflix) TierStarTierStar (256) Paths merge Superior Iron Man TierStar2TierStar2 (328) Ronan TierStar2TierStar2 (340)
Hawkeye TierStarTierStar (245) Doctor Strange TierStar2TierStar2 (364) Wolverine TierStar2TierStar2 (340)
Electro TierStarTierStar (238) Rhino TierStarTierStar (243) Hulkbuster TierStar2TierStar2 (375) Ronan TierStar2TierStar2 (340) Black Bolt TierStar2TierStar2 (336)
Black Panther TierStarTierStar (247) Black Bolt TierStar2TierStar2 (336) Scarlet Witch TierStar2TierStar2 (338)
Cyclops (Blue Team) TierStarTierStar (256)
Spider-Man (Symbiote) TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (557) Boost: 1, 2

Abomination TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (1033) Vision (Age of Ultron) TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (1082)
Daredevil (Netflix) TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (1038) Paths merge Superior Iron Man TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (1172) Ronan TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (1111)
Hawkeye TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (1040) Doctor Strange TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (1169) Wolverine TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (1114)
Electro TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (1115) Rhino TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (1057) Hulkbuster TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (1240) Ronan TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (1111) Black Bolt TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (1131)
Black Panther TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (1019) Black Bolt TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (1131) Scarlet Witch TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (1120)
Cyclops (Blue Team) TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (1069)
Spider-Man (Symbiote) TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2TierStar2 (2621) Boost: 1, 2, 3, 4


"Hey Summoner, hypothetically: Are you any good at fighting monsters? Big, horrible ones? Huh? Oh, no reason. I just like to know things about my friends."


"I lied. There's a reason I asked you. Just a tiny little thing. I... may have created a fusion of myself and Venom. Now I know what you're thinking: "Deadpool, how could someone of your immense genius mess up so hard?" The answer is simple; past the killer bod and the mad skills, I'm human, just like you. We all make mistakes."


"Ew, leftover Venom gunk!"
"What?! No I'm not!"
"Oh right, I set up as the boss of this level! Come here Spidey, give your uncle Wade a big ol' hug!"
"Ugh - what the gross! You smell like an abandoned taco bar! Get off me!"
"He's marked by my tracking scent, now you can't possibly lose!"
Deadpool and Spider-Man (Symbiote)[src]



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