Get a Clue
Story-Chapter-Quest: CON-2-1
Recommended Team Rating: 325/???/???

Get a Clue is the first Quest in the second Chapter of the Story Event Contamination.

It is succeeded by Corrupted Strength.


Iron Patriot TierStar (159) Magneto ★ (179)
Spider-Man (Classic) TierStar (172) Symbioid Cosmic ★ (184)
{ Gate: Mystic } Deadpool TierStar (180) Iron Patriot TierStar (159) { Gate: Skill }
Hulkbuster ★ (180) Boost Wolverine TierStar (179) Spider-Man (Classic) TierStar (172) Doctor Strange ★ (228) Boost
Black Panther ★ (188) Elektra TierStar (172) Deadpool TierStar (180) Abomination ★ (189)
Ronan ★ (182) Symbioid Mystic TierStar (171) Symbioid Skill ★ (184)
Drax TierStar (166)
Electro ★ (293) Boost


"I'm no stranger to the world of Super Heroes. But this is something else. The way that guy was acting, like he could barely control himself; it makes me think there's more than just a "fight club" to this. Let's keep looking for clues. I'll let you manage the brawling."
Jessica Jones[src]

"I'm glad I got paired up with you, Summoner. It's nice to work with someone normal in a place like this. As normal as someone pulled through time and space with a team of superhumans fighting in an interdimensional contest can be, I guess. You know what, forget I said anything."
Jessica Jones[src]

"This looks like the kind of shady character that we can get some info from."
"I didn't get into this gig to look wholesome, lady."
"What do you know about the fight club, spark plug?!"
"Oh, this is bigger than a fight club, kid. Black ISO is the future of REAL power in the contest. But I ain't no snitch--you can't rat me out if I make an example outta ya!"
"Alright Summoner, I think that in lieu of jail or courts, it's in our best interest to pummel this punk!"
Jessica Jones and Electro[src]



Chapter Quests
A Missing Hero 1. Something Amiss
2. The Underbelly
Tainted Power 1. Get a Clue
2. Corrupted Strength
Cracking the Case 1. Mr. Cage
2. Fight at Joe's

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