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Mysterious Disappearance and Death

Gun-R is assumed to have been summoned to The Collector and The Grandmaster's Contest of Champions. However, after eight months he died in battle, and his body was sent back to South Korea.[1]


After being informed of her comrade's death, White Fox set out to find those responsible.[1]

White Fox requested that Gun-R's body be brought to her. Due to the scent of the body, White Fox deduces that Gun-R must have died in an alternate Earth. She also deduces that, due to the lack of several components, Gun-R wasn't just killed, he was gutted; she (correctly) assumes that Gun-R was gutted to make something, but exactly what that something is hasn't been revealed yet.[2]

We later see that Maestro is the one that killed Gun-R, and that he has made something with Gun-R's missing components.[2] However, due to a glowing red light, Maestro figures out that Gun-R's body has been found, and thus whoever found Gun-R's body could pry into the Contest and find him, even in the Battlerealm.[3]

When The Collector kicks Gamora off of the Red Team, Maestro attempts to get The Collector to summon White Fox to replace Gamora, in an effort to get White Fox off his trail. Unfortunately for Maestro, The Collector has already revived Night Thrasher.[4]


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