ISO-8 is an upgrade item. ISO-8 is used for leveling up Champions.

Currently, there are five Tiers of ISO-8. The Tier represents the category of what type of ISO-8 it is, while the value is how much it contributes to any Champion's current upgrade level (Note that Catalysts can only be used when trying to upgrade a Champion to a higher tier). Unlike Class ISO-8 variants, these do not give any bonuses to any Champion Class.

See below for a table of ISO-8.

Tier Basic Value Class Value
1 +75 +200
2 +125 +325
3 +525 +825
4 +1300 +2000
5 +3000 +5000
6 +10000 +???

Gold Value

Tier Basic Value Class Value
1 Gold36 Gold103
2 Gold61 Gold171
3 Gold259 Gold423
4 Gold642 Gold1010
5 Gold??? Gold2500


Gameplay Terminology

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