Marvel: Contest of Champions is a game developed by Marvel Games and Kabam. The beta was released in October 2014, and the full game was released on December 11 of that year.

Playable Characters

Main article: List of Champions.

Marvel: Contest of Champions currently features 108 playable characters, with the most recent addition being Morningstar.


Main articles: Update 3.0, Update 4.0, Update 5.0, Update 6.0, Update 7.0, Update 8.0, Update 9.0, Update 10.0, Update 11.0, Update 12.0, Update 13.0, Update 14.0, and Update 15.0.


Gameplay Terminology

3 vs. 3AbilitiesAllianceAlpha CatalystArenasArmorAttack (action) ● Battle ChipsBlockCalendarCatalystClassClass BonusComboDaily QuestDashDirect DamageDodgeEnergyEnergy RefillEvent QuestFeatured ChampionGateGiftGoldHalloween CalendarHealthHealth PotionHero RatingISO-8Level UpLocationsLoyaltyMarvel: Contest of ChampionsMasteryPowerQuickmatchQuestsRankRank UpReskinReviveSignature AbilityStory EventStory QuestSpecial AttacksSummonerSynergy BonusThe ContestTierUnitsVersusVictory AnimationXP

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