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Night Thrasher is a comic book character who debuted in issue #4. Night Thrasher was resurrected by The Collector and serves as a ringer on the Red Team.



"Don't worry--you're quite safe. Safe in The Collector's hands..."
"The Collector. All right. I'll remember that."
The Collector and Night Thrasher[src]

After his death, Night Thrasher is revived by The Collector (due to being "skilled, driven, and highly collectible"), and is shown to the remaining members of the Red Team, following Gamora's removal and the Red Team's victory in The Contest's Second Phase, as "the perfect fifth champion".[1]

The Contest's Third Phase

Since The Grandmaster requested a six-on-six death match between the Red Team and the Yellow Team, Night Thrasher will be forced to compete.[1]


As Night Thrasher has yet to do anything, his personality is unknown.

Abilities and Powers


  • Skateboard: Night Thrasher goes into battle with a skateboard, much to Maestro's disbelief.[1] It is currently unknown if the skateboard has any special abilities, or if Night Thrasher just brings it into battle for fun.


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