To Rank Up a Champion, it must be given enough Catalysts.

Ranks and Tiers

  • Tier 1 Champions can go to Rank 2, and can unlock the second Special Attack.
  • Tier 2 Champions can go to Rank 3, and can unlock the third Special Attack upon reaching Rank 3.
  • Tier 3 Champions can go to Rank 4.
  • Tier 4 and 5 Champions can go to Rank 5.

Ranks and Levels

  • Rank 1 has 10 levels.
  • Rank 2 has 20 levels.
  • Rank 3 has 30 levels.
  • Rank 4 has 40 levels.
  • Rank 5 has 50 levels (65 for Tier 5 Champions).


Gameplay Terminology

3 vs. 3AbilitiesAllianceAlpha CatalystArenasArmorAttack (action) ● Battle ChipsBlockCalendarCatalystClassClass BonusComboDaily QuestDashDirect DamageDodgeEnergyEnergy RefillEvent QuestFeatured ChampionGateGiftGoldHalloween CalendarHealthHealth PotionHero RatingISO-8Level UpLocationsLoyaltyMarvel: Contest of ChampionsMasteryPowerQuickmatchQuestsRankRank UpReskinReviveSignature AbilityStory EventStory QuestSpecial AttacksSummonerSynergy BonusThe ContestTierUnitsVersusVictory AnimationXP

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