Rocket's Request
Story-Chapter-Quest: RNG-1-1
Recommended Team Rating: 200/550/3500

Rocket's Request is the first Quest in the first Chapter in the Story Event Rocket and Groot's Holiday Special.

It is succeeded by Mighty Beginnings.


Iron Man TierStar (95) Iron Patriot TierStar (174)
Hulkbuster TierStar (104) Adaptoid Tech TierStar (72)
Ultron Drone Tech TierStar (82) Symbioid Tech TierStar (115)
Adaptoid TierStar (64) Star-Lord TierStar (112)
War Machine TierStar (104) Iron Man TierStar (115)
Symbioid Tech TierStar (102) War Machine TierStar (110)
Vision TierStar (174) Boost


"Summoner! You're a sight for sore eyes. I got a friend, a real good one, that the Collector ain't bringin' in! And I just KNOW he's got him around here. I've seen 'im!"
Rocket Raccoon[src]

To be added.

"Hmm. You really want that tree, don't you?"
"What, I didn't make it obvious enough?"
"That was rhetorical. Maybe we can come to an agreement, Rocket."
"I'm not givin' you my gun."
"Not THAT! Just see me in the next area, you two."
The Collector and Rocket Raccoon[src]




Rocket and Groot's Holiday Special
Chapter Quests
Best Pals 1. Rocket's Request
2. Mighty Beginnings
3. Skilled and Sly
4. Ultron's Resurgence
5. Galactic Gladiators
6. Return to the Microrealm
A Friend Indeed 1. Uncanny Champions
2. Masters of Magnetism
3. Magic and Mayhem
4. Lunar Warrior
5. Venomous Intent
6. A Friend's Reward

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