"Aahh, our Skill Champions! Paragons of technique! No radiation, no mutation, no mystical amulets! Simply raw strength and dedication. Impressive, no?"
The Collector[src]

Skill is one of six Champion Classes. It has a Class Bonus against Science, but is weak to Mutant and Combined.


Characters in the Skill class are trained fighters. These characters don't rely on powers to win fights.

Class Bonus

List of Skill Champions

See the associated category: Skill.


Skill List of Skill Champions Skill

Playable: Agent VenomBlack Panther (Civil War) ● Black WidowCrossbones ● Daredevil (ClassicNetflix) ● ElektraFalconGwenpoolHawkeyeKarnakKingpinMoon KnightPunisherWinter Soldier
Not playable: AdaptoidDeadpooloidFrank StrangeSymbioidUltron Drone
Upcoming: BladeRed Skull ● More version(s) of Daredevil (Netflix)

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