Unstoppable Ant

Unstoppable Ant portrait


Base Attributes
Class(es): Mystic Mystic

Unstoppable Ant is an unplayable Mystic Champion exclusive to M.O.D.O.K., Mo' Problems.

Gameplay Information

Unstoppable Ant is a combination of Juggernaut and Ant-Man. As such, his moveset is a combination of Juggernaut's moveset and Ant-Man's moveset.



Mystic List of Mystic Champions Mystic

Playable: Doctor StrangeDoctor VoodooDormammuGhost RiderGuillotineIron Fist (Immortal) ● JuggernautLokiMagikMephistoMordoScarlet WitchThe HoodThor (Jane Foster)Unstoppable Colossus
Not playable: AdaptoidDeadpooloidSymbioidUltron DroneUnstoppable Ant
Upcoming: Doctor Strange (Marvel NOW!)MorningstarScarlet Witch (Ultimate)

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