Waxing Crescent
Story-Chapter-Quest: WAN-2-2
Recommended Team Rating: 3400

Waxing Crescent is the second Quest in the second Chapter in the Story Event Waning Moon.

It is preceded in Chapter 2 by Provoker and succeeded in Chapter 3 by Avatar of Vengeance.



"We're getting close, Summoner! I keep getting a tingling..."
"That's natural for young boys like you when growing up, Spidey."
"Not THAT kind, you Weapon X reject!"
"When this is all done, I'll tell you all about the birds and the bees. Or the spiders and the flies. I don't know if a thematic metaphor works better for you."
Spider-Man (Black Suit) and Deadpool (X-Force)[src]


"I've heard Moon Knight believes he's the reinacarnation of some Egyptian god of vengeance. Think it's true? I've seen crazier things, I guess."
"Hell, I've BEEN crazier things. Never doubt the power of believing in yourself. Big Bertha taught me that."
Spider-Man (Black Suit) and Deadpool (X-Force)[src]


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Item Quantity
Tier 3 Basic ISO-8 3
Units 5
Premium Hero Crystal Shard 250

Item Quantity
Tier 3 Basic ISO-8 2
Units 10
4-Star Crystal Shard 10

Waning Moon
Chapter Quests
Odd Couple 1. Ace Team
2. Cosmic Awareness
Aggravator 1. Provoker
2. Waxing Crescent
Eclipse 1. Avatar of Vengeance
2. Full Moon