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Base Attributes
Class(es): Science Science
Tags: #Control: Denial
#Villain of the Contest
Release Date: July 30, 2015[Citation needed]
Origin: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Crystal(s): Cross Tech Crystal
Crit Boost, Power Sting, Precision, Stun
TierStar No
TierStarTierStar Yes
TierStarTierStarTierStar Yes
TierStarTierStarTierStarTierStar Yes
TierStarTierStarTierStarTierStarTierStar Yes
"Ugh. You really live up to your name. You hide everywhere, and you're impossible to get rid of."

Yellowjacket is a Science Champion. Being a Science Champion, he has a Class Bonus against Mystic Champions, but is weak to Skill and Combined Champions.


After learning the science behind Hank Pym's astonishing shrinking suit, the ruthless tech mogul Darren Cross devoted his resources to creating a prototype suit with similar abilities. Cross envisioned this high-power cybernetic rig as a means to take modern warfare to a new level, personally overseeing its retrofitting and weaponization. Cross dons the imposing armor himself in hopes of achieving final victory as Yellowjacket!

Moveset Description

Light Attack

  • Yellowjacket hits his opponent with his stinger.
  • Yellowjacket delivers an uppercut.

Medium Attack

Heavy Attack




Yellowjacket holds his wrists in front of his face.

Special Attacks

Special 1: Biosting Blast

Yellowjacket blasts his opponent using his stingers.

Special 2: Power Sting

Yellowjacket punches his opponent twice, then blasts then using his stingers.

Special 3: Biosting Barrage

Yellowjacket shrinks down and punches his opponent in the face twice, then flies behind his opponent and blasts them in the back, then flies in front of them and blasts them in the chest, then flies back behind them and blasts them until they fall to the ground, then shrinks back to normal size, flying back in front of them, and does a victorious pose.

Victory Animation

Yellowjacket looks tough.

Synergy Bonuses

Synergy Partner(s) Effect(s)
Idol Superior Iron Man portrait All Champions gain +X% Health & Attack
Nemesis Ant-Man portrait All Champions gain +X% Attack
Rivals Joe Fixit portraitUltron portrait All Champions gain +X Critical Damage


Character Inspiration

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